Friday, May 18, 2012


How good is too cruel
Amazing, wrong for you
Can I take all you are
Never look over shoulder
See you broken as I stay
To play, today, for all forever now?
Facade, escapade, mystery so plain
Between you and a hard place, your face I adore
Abhore I crumble to dysfunction
Imminent and breathing
Stupid is as does, I suppose I fell, you do
Daily take my shit, always fall for it,
What to see if you can take it
Make it right for we? I'll try
Mind, it's right, over matter, fine!
Give my breath,
Together, you're mine and I find
that I can't stay amazed again
So now don't wake, softly
As I leave you. Don't dream
of me, turn in your sleep to hold what I can't be
There, messed in my mind, wrong
When you see I don't know who to be
Wrong for you, maybe wrong for me

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