Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blood is Thicker

When facing can't break
Too much this risk 
to take with an argument
Maybe a failing to tear it away.
But run!
Too many sleepless and sobbing nights
Hide the crying 'neath covers
Tight around. Don't let them in
to know that it hurts!
Though joints and breath fight it
genetically so, was it planned? For shame, No!
Unintended rending, this, not abusive,
Said it's all okay. Said I'm a fool to go,
But run!
Build up courage to face
In time, heal, and make life thy own
My own. My defense, solace, place.
Trust in someone, if at all I breathe,
Finally give, finally care, just to grieve:
Waited so long for a shoulder,
I can only cry alone. Please,
Don't let me be alone. Or I must

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