Sunday, September 2, 2012

How do you Suppose?

What's the color of your pen, Jim?
Attorney fees collected, saunter off
Grab coffee. Just a little white one -
Coffee. Cream and crystal sugar.
Just a minor indiscretion. Pause
For relief of headache, tension,
Take a "pill" inside the whorehouse
Ease your nerves.
Don't be caught, Bill: though
All fib to hide our dark side,
All have to cover up, save Glenn,
Any others there?
Not to stare, as Matthew said, but
True! Deny biology and fate -
Choose to be faithful, cleave
to none other - though she changes?
Will's star-crossing eschew
Though she wavers, waits toe-tapping
nags, you napping, sighs, rolls eyes,
And yet!
Will you kneel, will you ask?
Fall into the trap, the task? And pledge,
Though all be lost, to lose yourself in this?
And risk?

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