Monday, April 9, 2012


Have I been
So long, un-fascinated?
Without wonder?
That spaciousness,
Kubla's walls, ice formed!
And so - ah! I see them!
Dear neverwhere, dear atoms
Salute, embrace, and see,
Astounded by simplicity,
See life, see worth,
See who this joke's on -
Feather scent. Just breathe!
Have I so long not heard
Calling, cawing, raven's lore?
Stones of voices, lilt thru seasons
Forgotten? Ever, nevermore Poe!
You saw them, heard, and fell
As I in madness whirled, a time,
to live a time to die. For
every season has a home
and every mood have I to find
a reason onward, Holst to sing
My universe to crown.

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