Friday, April 6, 2012

Nothing Stupid

I know that I promised
I wouldn't. Won't. Can't.
To leave behind so much, so many
Wouldn't. Won't. Can't.
To waste the time I've spent and then
Risk not adding to the greater good
To leave without an exit sign
Never care again. Not mind
If what they say is really right
If anything was ever mine
My mind, my solace, my time?
Wouldn't. Won't. Can't.
Find emptiness and follow demons
Down to where I skated last.
Down into the bitterness.
Down for thinking that I could
Deserve to earn a little good.
So standing on uneven ground
One foot on the ladder, and one down.
Fight again? Work longer, hard?
Give up, lose, let down, cause pain
Grief and suffering, pass on blame?
Could I be that bitter, cruel
To let others bear my burden? No!
Wouldn't. Won't. Can't.
I'm in for the duration. Toss me where you may.
Say what you like, Pierce and defile.
I'm in this foolish game to stay!

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