Monday, August 6, 2012

Judge This!

From ash, from hemlock, fir and vine
Flit the wee things, hum and stir
Fern's gully shines, Meeko dives,
And Na'vi follow Toruk on-
If Santayana's folly true, we'll
Praise Dear Leader, adage bold
Become a Pastwatch series, fall,
Find Cristóbal Colón's Creator, take
Liberties with history's soul, evolve
and eke as Ik - have they remembered true?
Self-preserved, at infant's cost and wail,
No chance, but one, and grasped as life
Ebbs in, eggs on, crowds out the id,
Ego inflated, altruist again antagonizes,
Sigmund, I fear you see aright, and so
I parse and psychoanalyze my life.

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