Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Not who you thought
I would be, not the Beth
To stay home sweetly, not
The all-devoted, shy, and
Musically inclined to bring to life
Borrowed ivory. Not studious, wispy,
Sad and lonely, soft and sickly,
Penitent and holy, gone before
My time so you could miss me.
Not who you thought
Or expected, not M.E.
To save some pages, not
The dauntless case for right,
Courage to face mobs and rifles,
Faith enough to fish for passage money, not
A lover to a leader and crusade,
Bring family to follow me, and teach
So you could hear me.
Not who you dreamed
I would be, not a
Little copy of you, not
A caterpillar chaser in
A kitchen take my shoes off,
Rest my aching, swollen feet! Not
Sad or lonely, soft and sickly,
Strong and twisted, oft outspoken
My beliefs you disagree
So you debate me.
Not who you thought
I would be.

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