Saturday, March 31, 2012


i am not rich i might be quick and i do not appreciate
All the things you do for me you always give i always take
And i forget that i forgave you as i'm piling on the blame
Oh the shame, it doesn't faze me in the joy is i'm insane

I could tell you that you're stupid or you're crazy or a loser
I could say it really fast and then you wouldn't understand
I could go on really muddled and you'd worship me forever
And you wouldn't know i fake it all how do you fancy me

There's a time for being normal there's a time to be real smart
And i do not know what time that is i'm falling all apart
Cause my seams aren't all together and i'm just not what i seem
And i won't give up crying blood or ever learn from memories

Blah blah blah so i'll make up some more lyrics
Throw out lots of theory data lots of dirty words
And maybe they'll make sense to you they don't make sense to me
They're afflicted like a virus always some new strange disease

So i ate that rotten peanut and i died and went to heaven
And that old aunt suzie's boat ya know it didn't meet me there
Pixies float around my brain and they keep giving me this dream
Tomorrow may be my last day that's not quite real to me

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